Arcenretia is a city located on Hareta in Just Cause Unity and Just Cause: Cold Blood Volume 1.5.


It is an old city from when the British had a claim on Hareta, it has very old buildings and is located in the Rorishoto Archipelago mountains, where there is lots of hot springs and other things. It is protected by the Japanese government as a history site, but people still live there and it has been modernized somewhat.


As Arcenretia is an old British city, it has a large number of Brits living there, but is still outweighed by the Japanese population there, it also has a small number of Panauans and Karthstanis.

Appearance in Just Cause: Cold Blood Volume 1.5Edit

In this volume, the city is completely destroyed when Eden Airship 01 - Skyloft crashes into it and explodes.