Alnsur Alrraed (Arabic: Eagles of Thunder) is an faction in QWTF spy's JC4 that cannot be joined.


Alnsur Alrraed is made up of disgruntled military personnel and police officers. However, they are not fighting for freedom, but rather, to coup Said and destroy the other 4 factions to place their own corrupt dictatorship into power.

Their guns are crude and homemade but done extremely well because of the strong gun laws Said has placed. This is because they are skilled gunsmiths as they have made weapons such as the Homemade Machinegun and Homemade Shotgun as well as the 3d-printed SMG. They also changed non-firing replica guns such as Converted Replica SMG and Converted Replica Pistol into actual weapons. Even their vehicles are homemade APCs and technicals.

Despite all that, they don't have the resources to fight the main factions.

They can be seen fighting Karthstani Police and Military.

Rico cannot work for this faction because they are not strong enough, and on top of that, they already want to kill Rico for working with Said, despite Rico deserting him because of the dictator's brutal methods. However, Rico can still use their homemade guns and drive their vehicles.

They have many members, averaging 99,000.

They control small bases and raid local villages.

It's unknown what happened to them after Said was overthrown and the current booming civil war, though it can be assumed they continued to fight the military and police.

They have been described as nuisances and the factions don't consider them a real threat to their progress. Factions do fight the Alnsur Alrraed when needed.

They are frequently talked about by the locals and the Military according to dialogue. It is also claimed Alnsur Alrraed may be funded by The Rebellion as some last ditch effort to establish an alliance. This is not confirmed, but the funding group is described as "idiots led by an idiot".

Alnsur vehicles

Typical footsoldiers with vehicles.


  • They're inspired by the Cracha Preto in Max Payne 3.
  • They're the only faction to use pure Arabic in their Faction name.

Vehicles they makeEdit

Alnsur uses a lot of homemade vehicles for their soldiers.

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