The Alharis (Arabic: الحارس English translation: The Sentinels) is a Karthstani gang in Al-Fakkalla.

Description Edit

The Alharis are quite different than the other gangs you see in Al-Fakkalla, you see, they believe in restoring law and order, however, they also intend to declare Al-Fakkalla independent winch will make Al-Fakkalla a city state. They control the old abandoned police station and serves as their headquarters.

Their weapons are Glocks and Urga Klobbies.

Their criminal activities include gun running, extortion, and drug smuggling. All of this to receive funding in their fight against the gangs.

Their enemies are all the gangs of the city.

They've a religious fervour to them although they're not like The Alnnihaya instead it's personal, they believe in Islam and support The Rahmani.

They receive their weapons from the Rahmani.

They shouldn't be considered saints as they do criminal acts and battle in the streets.

Again, Females are not allowed to join their gang.

Trivia Edit

  • Their symbol is modelled after the Punisher logo as they believe in restoring law and order.