Al-Sharma is a city in QWTF spy's JC4.

Postcard descriptionEdit

"Al-Sharma has roots in Indian origin hence the name Al-Sharma, however, this city is also the origin of secularism in Karthstan later adopting it in 1959 after the first civil war. However, it was also the hotbed of secular extremists during the lead up to Said's regime and after 2007, when Said took power, he placed Ayyoob Riaz in charge and Riaz has made his own cult of personality in this city but does not intend to overthrow Said rather remain loyal to him."


Al-Sharma is the most secular city in Karthstan having no religious flags nor many places of worship such as a temple, mosque, or church exist in Al-Sharma due to the crackdowns made by Riaz and Said to impose a secularist code of law winch intends to wipe out all religion and tradition.

It is also a propaganda town for Said and even Riaz for his cult of personality winch rivals Said in a way.

Since an insurgency is taking place, Al-Sharma is on lockdown with tanks and military vehicles often patrolling the streets.

There is a star-shaped A on some of the buildings with the word "The Corporation" a reference to the game State of Emergency.


  • Despite being a city in the Middle East, it has an Indian name.
  • This is the only place where a gold statue can not be found.

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