Akane Hiyama is a character in Just Cause Unity.

History Edit

Akane was born in Japan, but moved to the United States for her own safety from a certain one-man army. She was a normal girl until her father was caught in the Panau Selatan Nuclear Explosion. She got word that this was caused by Rico, and swore revenge at any cost. That was, until the Agency forced her to join his unit due to her exceptional melee skills, she gradually got to like Rico and that just made everything really awkward.

Events of Just Cause Unity Edit

Akane is part of Rico's unit and can be called to assist Rico Fallout-style. When not with Rico, she can be found on Diamond; the Agency yacht. The player can choose whether they want to romance her, but if they do, Maria Kane becomes unusable as a partner and the ending will be slightly different, as with all RPG-style choices.

Personality Edit

She could be considered a stereotypical "yandere" , she will kill anyone who touches Rico, and try to kill Rico if he is ever found with someone else. She also has a soft side, but it is rarely ever shown.


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