The Abandoned Depot is a location in Just Cause: Paradiso Islands. It is one of the areas

From a rooftop. The weapon is a Dawson Government Model.

that has been affected by The Grey, due to it being near Fork.


It is an old truck depot, with many wrecked and undrivable semi trucks. From the signs, it says the depot was formerly owned by the "EvoCity Department Of Transportation", although no other trace of this company or "EvoCity" is found anywhere else in the game.

Outside Area Multiple old trucks can be found, as well as several dead bodies. A few of the people that were "turned" by The Grey are found wandering around. There is a Meyn Arms MS-12 on top of a un-destroyable generator.

Garage The garage has more old trucks, a few stepvans, and an armored stepvan on a maintenance lift. There are multiple turned people inside, including Roy Dodge. The vehicles are undrivable. Multiple DJW Berets and CS Desert Storms are found inside the garage.


  • x2 Generator.
  • x2 Transformer.
  • x6 Fuel Tank.


  • The area is a reference to the Truck Depot from the original Left 4 Dead.
  • According to the badges, the trucks were made by Stahlmann.
  • The signs are a reference to the popular Garry's Mod map, called rp_evocity.

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